Amanda Sandroni | Ali Hauger | Katie Gillis | Katie Macdonald When GQ first started singing together in July of 2011, they knew right away they had something unique. Each voice brought an important quality to the group’s sound. They knew they wanted to try and stay away from traditional a cappella arrangements and explore […]

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To inquire about having GQ perform for a concert or clinic near you, please send an email to gq@girlsquartet.com, or you can contact us using the form below. Name: Email: Subject: Message:

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GQ is an a cappella and barbershop quartet from Baltimore, MD. Their members are Amanda Sandroni, Ali Hauger, Katie Gillis, and Katie Macdonald. They sing a variety of styles spanning several decades and are four great friends who have a passion for creating a unique sound.

They formed as an a cappella project in the Summer of 2011 at Towson University. Since then, GQ has competed in various a cappella competitions such as the Harmony Sweepstakes and SingStrong, as well as the Rising Star Contest and International Quartet Contest for Sweet Adelines International. They are the 2013 SingStrong Champions and the 2013 2nd Place Harmony Sweepstakes Champions. They are the 2013 Rising Star Champions,2014 11th Place International Quartet Finalists, and 2018 5th place finalists. They most recently placed 3rd at the SAI international convention in New Orleans.

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  1. You are amazing! Did you do the arranging for those songs? And how do you even know them??? They are from when I was your age and I am OLD!

  2. You are AMAZING! Heard you on Prairie Home Companion! You are my sunshine was just awesomely arranged..
    Thank you

  3. Just heard you on Prairie Home Companion. Your sound is exquisite.

  4. I love the variety of music and styles on the 11/28/15 broadcast of A Prairie Home Companion–excellent!

  5. I almost had to pull over on the highway when you all belted out “You Are My Sunshine” – amazing treatment of an American classic. Much appreciated.

  6. Love your music just wanted to say I hope you guys make more videos and get them out to the public soon. I want to see more.

  7. Amazing and inspiring for everyone, but especially young girls!!!!!!!

  8. Terrific performance! I see a future for you in the music industry!

  9. Have you guys considered trying a beach boys song? I’m serious try it I think your harmony is like theirs.
    Let me know if we can book a group cruise for you. Email me I will explain. Can make you some more money performing

  10. Can ‘t stop playing Sunshine and can ‘t find. A single distraction. Love everything I have heard you do . Can’t wait to see you at Sunhines LDJ. Loved u and Instant Classic in Nashville and hope to see more of you in MD.

  11. Please young ladies, please try out for AGT. I think America would go for you, I really do!

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