4 days ago

We recorded for Instant Classics third cd and had a fun bonding night doing an Escape Room.

We liked it so much last night, we went back again today and did a different one! We escaped both times!

5 days ago

More proof Amanda is perfect and Scott Kitzmiller likes them better. (For logical reasons...)

6 days ago

Ali got to coach a chorus last night!!! ❤️❤️

We had a great visual coaching session last night with Alexandra Elizabeth! Thank you Ali for working with us!

1 week ago

This incredible group from our college is kicking butt and taking names!
So amazing!

We’re so blessed and honored to announce that we won first place at our ICCA quarterfinal tonight!!!!! We’ve put so much hard work, so much sweat, and so much passion into our set this year, and ... See more

2 weeks ago

Music. ❤️

We are THRILLED to bring back an old All State tradition, the balcony sing! This is Mixed Choir under the direction of Dr. Edith Copley singing Colorado All State Mixed Choir performing Josu ... See more

2 weeks ago

We had so much fun on The Georgetown Chimes show last night! They’re incredible. And they invited us to our first college ‘glow’ in many a years...

2 weeks ago

We’ve had a productive morning.
We went to a yoga sculpt class. (It was terrible. Everything hurts and I’m dying. Also it was wonderful.)
Now we’re on our way to DC for a gig at Georgetown ... See more

3 weeks ago

Hello Night-time facebookers.

You’re welcome.

3 weeks ago

We have a show close to home this weekend!!!

Come to the 45th annual Cherry Tree Massacre, the largest and longest-running a cappella festival on the east coast! The Georgetown Chimes started the show as a way to showcase the a cappella talents ... See more

3 weeks ago

Little known fact: Before Ali was in GQ, she was in a champion youth quartet called ‘Whole ‘lotta Harmony’.
The video below is of the youth chorus from IES the year that WLH won Rising Star. ... See more

Young Women In Harmony teaches emerging voices the art of performing and singing four-part harmony, barbershop style. Visit

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  1. Loving your second CD!! The digital download card was great way to receive the CD. Is there a place I can go to find out who arranged each of the charts? Thanks! Looking forward to cheering you on at SAI International in Vegas.

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